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In the ever-evolving digital age, it’s become so much easier to make digital products to sell online.

Which is great for bloggers, because this is how a lot of us make money online!

But to create digital products that sell like hotcakes, you’ve got to create the perfect product for your target audience.

That’s why I’m sharing 20+ ideas for digital products to sell online that are perfect for bloggers! No matter who your audience is, there’s something on this list for everyone!


The great thing about e-books is that they’re not terribly hard to make and any niche can profit from ’em.

This is because no matter what you write about, your readers want to learn from you. So as long as you create an e-book that resonates with them and answers all their burning questions, you can make a killing!

Something to keep in mind about selling e-books is that you don’t want to share your best info on your blog.

You need to tell your readers WHAT to do but not HOW to do it. Your e-book will reveal the how of what you’re teaching them!

If you want to create + sell an e-book on your blog, be sure to sign up for Ana’s Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp!

I’m a huge fan of her e-books and she knows what she’s doing! That’s why she’s had major success with selling digital products online and she’ll walk you through launching an e-book yourself!


Online courses are becoming more and more popular online.

Which is a good thing for us bloggers, because this can be a great way to make a lot of money blogging.

Look at Alex and Lauren from Create and Go, for example.

They’ve made over $100,000 from their blog(s) and a good chunk of that comes from their online courses (I’ve bought 3 out of 4 of them and LOVE them. Highly recommend if you want to get serious about making money with your blog!)

You can also check out their income reports here.

There are some pros + cons to selling courses, though.

The pro is that you can sell courses for a lot. I think the cheapest course I’ve seen is $197, while the most expensive I’ve seen is over $2000.

That’s per person that signs up. And there’s really no limit to how many you can sell.

The biggest negative though is that courses are very time-consuming to make. You’ve got to film and edit videos, write tutorials, and market your course to your audience.

It’s a lot of work.

And honestly, if you don’t know your target audience that well then you don’t really know if your course will sell until you launch it.

That’s why I recommend waiting to create a course until you know your audience really well and are 1000% sure you know what their needs are (and then create a course that addresses that need!)


Workshops require a good amount of planning and preparation, but are still great digital products to sell online.

This type of product requires a lot of marketing and building up anticipation of the workshop with your audience. Similar to courses, these can sell for a lot of money per person, but there’s a lot of prep work required for it.


This is a great option for DIY/mom bloggers, but you can find creative ways to incorporate them into any niche!

Actually, this is one of the first ways I made money online! I sold bullet journal printables on my Etsy shop, and they did really well.

The downside to printables? They’re usually priced very low, but that’s because they’re not too hard to make. This also means you can sell a lot pretty quickly!


If you teach a complex or in-depth process (like starting a business) a lot of people like to write down notes, answers to questions, etc. and have it all in one place.

That’s where a workbook comes in!

This can be a great add-on product if you decide to launch an e-book or course. You could offer this product by itself or bundle it in a package deal with your e-book for a slightly higher price.


Whether it’s a life coach or a blogging coach, this is something I’ve seen a lot of people offering lately.

This is essentially a full-time business that you market through your blog. The more traffic you get to your blog, the more potential clients you can land!


Performing audits for people is another digital service you could offer through your blog!

If you’re interested in coaching, auditing people’s blogs/social media profiles is a good starting point.

This is because you’ll probably need to check out their website/social media and get an idea of what they need help with before you start coaching them anyway!


Do you enjoy taking photos? You can create stock photos and sell them from your blog!

If you can create really nice stock photos quickly, you could even make this a monthly subscription service!


This is another good one if you like taking photos.

Mockups are typically used as templates for product images, so people can just put in their photo and it looks like a ‘real life’ version without them having to actually take any photos.


Although I offer my Pinterest templates for free, there are plenty of people who sell them online for a profit!

Not everyone is good at creating beautiful templates, and a lot of people just don’t have the time to create 5+ pins per post to appease the Pinterest algorithm gods.

So, make it easy for your readers to create pretty pins for Pinterest! They’re easy to make using Canva, and you can now make the template without paying for the Pro version (although the pro version comes with a lot of extra features!)


If you’re looking for digital products to sell online that are fairly quick + easy to make, these social media graphics are right up your alley!

Similar to the Pinterest templates, people are willing to pay for graphics that they can quickly post to social media. It’s a HUGE time-saver, and helps them be more productive elsewhere.


This is popular with lifestyle/travel bloggers! If you have certain presets in Lightroom when you’re editing your photos to look AMAZING, you can sell your presets!


I mentioned this earlier with the stock photos, but there are other things you could sell in a monthly subscription form!

Here are some ideas for services you could offer:

  • monthly meal plan with grocery list
  • exclusive access to printables/worksheets related to your niche
  • monthly podcast access
  • exclusive video access
  • PLR content with new content every month


If you’re pretty good at creating Excel spreadsheets, this is a great one for you!

From a monthly budget tracker to an editorial calendar, you can create tons of spreadsheet templates online to sell!

I’d say the one thing to keep in mind with this is that the more creative/useful your spreadsheet is, the more valuable it is.

If you make a very basic spreadsheet, it probably won’t sell. But if you can create a spreadsheet that actually benefits your audience, you can make more money with it!


Whether it’s a Facebook Group or a Discord community, you can grant readers access to an exclusive group by offering it for a price.

Most bloggers will pair this type of ‘product’ with something else, like a course. In other words, if you purchase their course they’ll add you to their private FB group.


If you’re an artist, you can sell your digital art online! This is something I’ve done on platforms like Etsy and Redbubble, but never on my blog.

I do know some artists who sell their artwork through their website’s shop, and it can be great if you have a decent following!


If you’re an artist, you can sell your art brushes (like Photoshop or Procreate) and sell them on your blog. You could also sell them on a platform like Creative Market.


You can make mood trackers to go in a bullet journal, or create a budget tracker!


This is another creative idea for those who like to create special fonts!

Creative Market is full of amazing fonts that customers can purchase, and it’s a great place to sell your own fonts that you create!


Checklists are great freebies you can create to grow your email list, but they also make for an easy product to sell.

This is another one of those things that you could bundle with a higher-priced item (like an e-book or course) to help make it more desirable.


Everyone loves a good planner. If your readers are into organization, this is a great product to sell to them!

You can create an online planner that they can download/print themselves, or even create a physical planner to sell!


While this is a good list to get you started, you might still need a mentor to help you through the process of actually creating the product and selling it to your audience.

If this is the case, I recommend Create and Go’s courses, specifically their Six-Figure Blogger course!

In this specific course, they walk you through how to scale your income online and create meaningful products for your readers.

One of my goals for my blog this year is to create and sell my first e-book! This course is what I’ve been using to walk me through the process, and I’m super excited with my progress so far!

If you want to check out their course, click here!

Hopefully this list inspires you to begin creating something AMAZING for your audience!

Is there a digital product that you currently sell on your blog that’s not listed here? Let me know in the comments!

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Digital Products to Sell on Your Blog