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Before you can make money blogging, you’ve got to build a loyal following of people that can’t wait to read your next post.

So…how do you do that, exactly? Well, for starters, you’ve got to create high-quality, kick-ass content that makes someone immediately fall in love with your blog.

That, my friend, is exactly what foundational content is and why it’s so important to have this type of content on your blog! If you’re not really sure how to take your content that’s just meh to the next level, then this post is perfect for you.


First, let’s make sure we’re all of the same page here, because not all content is created equal.

Foundational content is high-quality, interesting content that makes you and your blog stand out. This type of content makes someone who stumbles upon your blog immediately share your post, follow you on social media, and go read a bunch of your other posts.

High-quality, foundational content should be:

  • relatable
  • inspirational
  • informative
  • educational
  • entertaining

Now, not every post has to be this amazing/groundbreaking work of art. But you should have a good amount of posts that fit this profile. Especially in the early stages of your blogging journey, because these are the posts that will help you start driving consistent traffic to your blog. And later, it’ll help you convert readers into customers.



The numero uno thing you need to make sure your foundational content does for your readers is solve a problem for them.

This is where knowing your target audience comes in handy, because then you already know what problems they’re struggling with and what kind of content they want to see.

If you don’t know how to define your target audience, check out this post.

When I read a blog post that’s jam-packed full of useful tips/info, I immediately start looking through that blogger’s other posts. Since they’ve already proven to me that they provide solid, useful info, I want to see what other tips they might have!

Remember, people want to read content that provides value to them. Whether it’s entertaining, educational, etc., your high-quality blog posts should aim to solve a specific issue for your audience.


Your foundational content needs to be content that’s relevant year-round, AKA evergreen.

You don’t want your absolute best posts to be seasonal. Although those Christmas posts are great for bringing in page views during the holiday season, they’re not going to bring you consistent page views all the time, which is what your blog needs to thrive.

PRO TIP: When you’re creating evergreen posts, be careful with your headline. Unless you plan to change out the year every time, you don’t want to put a specific year in the headline/images. This is because, once that year has passed, it’s going to seem outdated and fewer people will click on it over time.


Have you ever read a blog post about something but felt like you didn’t really learn anything new? That’s because the post wasn’t detailed enough.

I’ve literally clicked on blog posts from Pinterest that ended up being just a few paragraphs long. Girl, be thorough!

When we find your post, we want to learn from you! We want to learn everything we can about the topic you’re covering, and if you can tell us something we’ve never heard before, we’re more likely to come to you in the future.

That’s the beauty of being thorough, you look like an expert to your readers and they’re more likely to trust your judgement in the future (hint-this leads to future sales!)

Someone’s bound to ask- what’s the word count I should aim for? I know some bloggers tell you to aim for a certain word count, but I actually advise against that because sometimes you start using ‘filler words’ just to hit your goal.

Your readers don’t deserve a long post that’s only halfway-full of good stuff. Give them a post that covers the topic. If it’s under 1500 words, that’s okay as long as you’ve covered the topic.


While Pinterest is a huge source for getting traffic to your blog, search engines like Google is another one. So, when you’re creating high-quality content, you want it to be optimized for search engines so they can rank higher in them.

There’s a LOT that goes into optimizing your posts for SEO so I recommend checking out this post from She Means Blogging! It’s a great post that covers everything you need to know when you’re starting out!


A HUGE mistake I see from new bloggers is the lack of share buttons! If you want your post to get more traffic, make it easy for your readers to share it!

You’ll notice that on the bottom of EVERY single post of mine, I have a section where I remind people to pin my post to Pinterest, and every image also has a pin it button on it when you hover over any image. This makes it ridiculously easy to share my posts, which helps me drive more traffic to my blog!


A call-to-action, or CTA, is vital to include in your foundational content, or any content really.

Every blog post is an opportunity for you to direct your reader somewhere. Your CTA is the answer to the question, where should your reader go next? Do you want us to buy something from your affiliate link? Or maybe you want us to join your email list?

Whatever it is, you need to include something that encourages us to take some sort of action in every post, usually towards the bottom. This is your opportunity to make a connection, a sale, etc. Otherwise, your readers may only read one post and then click away from your site, which isn’t what you want!

Learning how to create high-quality content is an important stepping stone to building a successful blog, so I hope this guide helps you start creating some kick-ass content! If you’re looking for other helpful guides, be sure to check out my other blogging posts!

Have any questions about learning to create high-quality content? Leave ’em down below or contact me here! 🙂

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How to Create Awesome Content that'll Explode Your Blog's Traffic