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I like to think of blogging goals as a secret, magical roadmap to success.

Why? Because they create small, achievable milestones that point you in the right direction for your business.

This is HUUUGE for beginner bloggers, because let’s be honest- most of us have NO IDEA what we’re doing when we first start out and we need some sort of guidance on what to do next in order to grow our blogs.

That’s why I’m a big believer in setting blog goals that will help you keep track of your biz’s progress and manifest success.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you:

  • my blogging goals for 2022
  • my strategy for achieving these goals
  • how these goals can help you in your own blogging journey

Let’s get to it!

BLOGGING GOAL #1: Reach 10,000 monthly page views

For me, success starts with growing an audience.

I truly think of blogging as a business.

And, just like any business, you’ve gotta find people interested in what you’re selling.

For bloggers, that means creating high-quality content and finding engaged readers who are truly excited about what you’re creating (AKA your target audience!)

Easy peasy, right? Well, not quite.

It takes time (+ a great strategy) to grow and nurture your audience.

This is probably one of the most important goals for new bloggers on this list, so I’m going to be spending a lot of time focusing on it.

My plan is to use Pinterest to drive traffic and create amazing content that my readers (hopefully) love!

BLOGGING GOAL #2: Post 50 Blog Posts

Posting consistently kind of goes hand-in-hand with accomplishing the previous goal, but I set this goal specifically to help keep me accountable because I’m a hardcore procrastinator (sad but true).

I know posting consistently throughout the year is going to be a challenge sometimes.

BUT I also know this is ah-mazing for SEO, which helps you rank higher in search engines like Google.

(Need a more in-depth explanation of SEO? This post from Ruth Lovett Smith explains it really well! Ruth explains on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and everything else you need to know!)

So, I’m setting this goal to force me to be prepared and not just wing it.

I’m allowing myself 2 weeks of slipping up, which I feel pretty good about! We’ll see how it goes 🙂

BLOGGING GOAL #3: Earn $1000 from my blog

This is one of the heftier goals for new bloggers to achieve, but it’s still a good place to work towards!

I’d love to be able to work for myself and spend more time with my kids, so I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t want to earn an income from blogging.

And yes, making $1000 blogging might take longer than a year.

But hey, I’m an optimist. *shrugs*

Now, I know blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, so I don’t expect to earn much in my first year.

In fact, I don’t know if I’ll earn ANYTHING from blogging in my first year.

And guess what? That’s totally okay!

I’m in it for the long haul, because I genuinely like writing and all the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into running a blog.

I also understand that to create a long-term business, you have to build a great foundation.

BLOGGING GOAL #4: Launch an E-book

Something I’ve known I wanted to do since I started blogging is create a valuable product for my readers.

When I first started blogging, I read a bunch of e-books from other bloggers.

And I realized I felt much more connected to those bloggers.

I think it’s because it felt like they were sharing their insider secrets with just me.

It made me more confident in what I was doing but also helped that blogger build a more solid foundation with their readers.

Overall, I just think that selling products provides great value to your readers and is a great way to build a strong connection with them.

So, although this goal isn’t my top priority at the moment, it’s still something I want to be thinking about and be actively working towards.

BLOGGING GOAL #5: Read/take 3-5 blogging e-books and/or courses

As a blogger, there’s always more to learn about the best way to run your business.

It doesn’t matter how much money someone’s making or how many page views they have, there’s always something to improve on.

That’s the beauty of taking blogging courses and reading e-books from bloggers!

Not only do they help you grow your blog, they also save you time because you’re not trying to figure things out on your own.

You don’t have to go through the trial-and-error process because it’s already been done for you by experienced bloggers who know what they’re doing.

One of my favorite e-books I’ve read so far is Boosting Your Blog Traffic from Ana at The She Approach.

Not only was this e-book super affordable, it was FULL of helpful tips and strategies to drive traffic to my blog!

I first read this e-book a few years ago when I first started blogging and I’m STILL using the strategies she outlined.

I hope these goals for new bloggers give you some inspiration as you set your own blogging goals!

If you need help setting goals for your own blog, check out this post!

I’m going to continue to update you guys with my progress and the steps I take to achieve all of these blogging goals, I’m super excited to see how it all unfolds!

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5 Amazing Blogging Goals to Set for Your New Blog