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Ready to start an art print shop in 2022, but not sure what packaging supplies you need to get started?

When I started running my small art print shop on Etsy, I spent a lot of time deciding what packaging supplies would be best. I didn’t want to buy supplies that were super expensive, but I also had to make sure that my art prints would arrive safely to customers.

If you’re in this same situation, I hope this post will help give you some ideas and find supplies that may work for you!

I’ll also be including items that I add to my packaging to personalize orders and increase customer satisfaction + sales.

Let’s get to it!

1. Clear Package Sleeves

When shipping your art prints across the country (or sometimes even across the world) it’s important to make sure that your prints arrive safely. Putting them in a protective sleeve can help further protect your prints from any spills or water damage while in transit.

Some artists will use cello bags, which are a little more expensive usually but also more environmentally friendly! This is a great option for your business if you want to be more eco-conscious and if it’s something important to your customers.

I actually buy my clear package sleeves at a local art supply store, but these ones on Amazon are very similar.Some people also like to use cello bags, which can be a little more expensive but much more environmentally-friendly!

2. Cardboard Envelopes

Depending on the size of your art prints, you can use either cardboard envelopes or bubble mailers for mailing your orders.

Personally, I’ve used both but I started buying cardboard envelopes in bulk on Ebay and it came out much cheaper. Plus, they’re very sturdy and I’ve actually had customers mention in reviews that their prints were perfectly intact thanks to the cardboard envelopes!

3. Business Card

To help market your business, I recommend adding a business card with your info to each order.

Bonus tip: While you don’t have to go all-out and design your own business card, I recommend at least making your business card a little interesting or personalizing it in some way. I’ve found that the pretty business cards are less likely to be thrown away!

4. Freebie

As a small business owner, it’s important to leave a lasting impression on your customer!

One of the best ways to do this is to include a free item in each package.

Whether it’s a sticker, a small art print, etc. you want to include something they weren’t expecting so they’re pleasantly surprised!

I always include a freebie sticker and/or art print in my orders, and I think this helps with getting good reviews. A lot of my reviews mention the fact that I included a freebie and that it was a pleasant surprise! You can also include a discount code in each package to increase your repeat customers.

5. Packing slip

If you own an Etsy shop, this is something you can actually print from your Etsy manager. It’s a list of the item(s) that the customer bought, and I like to include it in every order.

This not only helps me keep track of what they ordered, but helps them when they open the package to make sure everything’s correct!

Final note: Currently, I handwrite all of the addresses on my orders, but bigger art shops on Etsy will use a label printer to quickly print out their orders. If you’re just starting out and not expecting a lot of traffic yet, I’d recommend waiting on the label printer until you’ve got a ton of orders coming in each day.

I’ve been running my art shop for close to a year now, and I’ve finally found a nice way to package my orders. These are all things I use to package orders and personalize my customer’s experience!

Hopefully these tips give you some inspiration and ideas on how to package your own items for your shop!