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If you want to learn how to start an Etsy shop in 2022, this is the guide for you!

In this guide, we’ll be covering:

  • Why you should start an Etsy Shop in 2022
  • How to get started selling on Etsy
  • ideas for items to sell on Etsy
  • + lots more

Let’s get started!


Now more than ever, it’s become sooo much easier to make money online.

So if you’re serious about selling products as a side-hustle (or even a full-blown business) Etsy is the place for you.

While you could start your own website or blog and sell your products there, there’s a couple benefits with starting your shop on a site like Etsy.


Technically, the only upfront cost you’ll have to actually pay Etsy is the .20 cents it costs per listing to upload it.

Yep, that’s it.

Of course, you’ll have to buy shipping supplies and materials to actually make your products (unless you want to sell digital products on Etsy.)

Either way, compared to a brick-and-mortar business or even starting your own website, the initial cost of starting an Etsy shop is super inexpensive.


The #1 perk of starting on Etsy versus your own website, in my opinion, is the fact that you can get your shop in front of a large audience very quickly.

You’re basically getting free traffic from people who are already shopping on Etsy. If you were to open shop through your own website, you’d have to spend a lot of time (+ probably money) promoting and marketing to get people to see your shop.

You can see from the stats below (from my own Etsy shop) that Etsy brought in over two-thirds of my traffic to my shop!

Granted, I didn’t do a lot of marketing myself, but I was still making sales without doing so.

Now, you may not see this kind of traffic from Etsy to your shop right away, but it’s definitely quicker than if you were to try and generate traffic to your shop on a brand-new website.


Etsy has established themselves as a reputable company. Customers trust their brand and are more willing to buy from Etsy than a random online store.

Why? Because if something goes wrong with their order, customers know they can contact Etsy and get their money back. But if they buy from a sketchy website, they risk losing their money if it’s a scam.

So, by starting your shop on Etsy, you’ve already got that basic trust established. As you begin to get more positive reviews, that trust increases and so do the sales.

Whether you want to start a side-hustle or a full-blown business, Etsy is the place for you. This site is perfect for anyone creative enough to craft their own products, digital or otherwise.


Etsy is known for quality, handmade goods. Depending on your skills, this can include a lot of different product ideas.

Not sure what to sell? Here’s a few different ideas to get you started:

  • bullet journal/planner stickers
  • wedding stationery
  • jewelry
  • woodworking projects
  • crocheted scarves, blankets, etc.

For a huge list of ideas, check out this post from The Pay at Home Parent!


If you’re selling digital products, there’s not really any ‘supplies’ needed. However, if you’re selling physical products that you’ll be shipping, here are a few supplies you might need:



Once you’ve created an Etsy account, you can begin to set up your shop!

1. Sign in to your account, then click Sell on Etsy.

starting an Etsy shop: Sell on Etsy

2. Click Get Started and answer basic questions about your Etsy shop.

starting an Etsy shop: Get Started

3. Name your Etsy shop.

Take some time to think on this one a bit- you don’t want to end up with a name you don’t love!

starting an Etsy shop: Name your Etsy Shop

4. Add listings to your Etsy shop.

I recommend adding at least 10-15 listings if you can. This can be very time-consuming but is a great payoff when customers find your shop and have plenty of items to browse through.

starting an Etsy shop: Add listing to your Etsy shop

A few quick tips on creating your Etsy listing:

  • Include lots of high-quality images of your product– you don’t have to have the most expensive camera to take good photos. You can use your phone, but make sure the photos can compete with other Etsy sellers. Be sure to include different angles of the product so customers can get a good idea of what it looks like in-person!
  • Use all available tags– Your tags help customers find your product, so you want to use up all of ’em to give your listing the best chance of being found.
  • Include helpful keywords– When describing your product, be sure to include keywords that customers might be searching for. This is similar to SEO for Google, where the more you’re using a certain keyword in your description/title, the more likely your listing will show up when someone searches for that keyword.

5. Add payment details + open your shop.

You’ll finish opening your shop by adding your payment details and billing info so Etsy can charge you .20 cents to publish each listing. This .20 cent listing fee occurs every 4 months to republish a listing or until your listing is sold.


1. Underpromise and overdeliver.

This phrase is commonly used by small business owners, and there’s good reason why.

By underpromising and overdelivering, you’re surprising your customers with unexpectedly high-quality service. This helps leave an impression on them and they’re more likely to become a repeat customer.

So…how can you do this?

Here’s an example: on my Etsy shop, I always list my shipping time as 3-5 business days.

This was the average timeframe among my competitors on Etsy. But instead of taking 3-5 days to ship out an order, I’d actually ship it in about 1-3 days.

This meant they got their product much sooner than they expected because I underpromised and overdelivered. A lot of my 5-star reviews mentioned the quick shipping time, which tells me that they were happy with receiving their order quicker.

You don’t have to do this specifically, I just think it’s something to keep in mind as your business grows. It’ll lead to very happy customers, trust me!

2. Include freebies.

This is another way you can overdeliver for your customers- by giving them free stuff in their purchase! You can do simple things like stickers, discount codes, free samples of your other products, etc.

Not only is it a pleasant surprise for your customers- it helps you stand out from your competition. This can lead to repeat customers and more 5-star reviews!

3. Offer free shipping.

There have been several studies done on the impact of offering free shipping vs. not offering it. And, you guessed it, offering free shipping typically leads to more sales.

Even if a listing is more expensive than others, people are more willing to buy it if it comes with free shipping. So, what many Etsy sellers do is estimate the price of shipping and include it in the listing price.

There may be some exceptions to this (if you sell furniture on Etsy, the shipping cost is going to vary wildly based on where the customer lives) but if you sell smaller items, it’s not a bad idea to offer free shipping to your customers!

Starting an Etsy shop in 2022 can be a great investment, and with more people shopping online than ever before, now is the perfect time to start!

I hope you found this guide to be helpful, and if you did be sure to share it on Pinterest!